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Scientific Research and Production Company Analytical Systems
– is a Russian company with the objective to develop, manufacture and sell process gas analyzers for environmental and industrial markets.

We produce highly sophisticated analyzers based on laser spectrometry basis:
- ASYS PRO suitable for process application
- ASYS ECO mainly dedicated for CEM’s application
- ASYS PRO (Exd) totally explosion proof version for such application like, natural gas transportation and LNG applications.

We are specializing in process analytical instrumentation measurement. Depends of projects conditions we should create and build up all customers’ needs from various sample handling system up to complete analytical solutions. Consulting service from our site is important part of every instrumentation project.

Our knowledge and experience permits us to take part in metrology life of Russian Federation. We are member of government committee of bureau NDT 22.1 (Continuous emission and water monitoring) and Automation Measuring Systems Producers Association (ANO «AMSPA»).

The actual range of our solutions can cover efficiently many different market fields such as continuous emission monitoring, waste water monitoring, process gas and liquid analysis in chemical, petrochemical, metal and power generation areas.

NPP ASYS’s team is highly specialized and flexible we can carefully analyze customers needs. Our main target is to provide the best analytical solutions for our customers!